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Well, in our college, we focus on complete career of the candidate who joins us. Right from teaching, training and mentoring the student, we continue to support and assist them in their placements too. That is the niche we are in.

Once you complete your graduation there are a number of avenues one can enter into. Those who wish to continue further studies can get into Masters in Physiotherapy – MPT in their area of interest like; MPT in Orthopedics, Neurology, Sports, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Community Rehab, Gynecology, etc.

The others who wish to work/practice have a lot more avenues to get into. As you all know the demand for qualified Physiotherapists is growing exponentially day after day so, there is no dearth for job opportunities. One can work in Physiotherapy clinic or in a Hospital attending to OPD patients requiring pain management using various electrotherapy modalities and various exercise therapy approaches OR In-patients requiring Chest Physiotherapy, Mobilisations, Ambulation, Limb Physiotherapy, etc.. to name a few.

The various settings available for qualified physiotherapists to practice are;

  • Physiotherapy Centers or Clinics
  • Neuro Rehab Centers for Adults
  • Neuro Rehab Centers for Children
  • Hospitals with Physiotherapy Depts
  • Sports academies
  • Sports teams
  • Physiotherapy Colleges and Universities
  • Fitness and Wellness Centers
  • Spastic Societies for Special Children
  • Disabled Rehabilitation Centers, etc

We as an institution have tied up with various organizations for the placement programs of our students. They are;

  • Multi-Specialty Hospitals/ Nursing Homes/ Rehabilitation Centers
  • Team Physiotherapist in various sports & Sports & fitness Centers
  • Research and Development works in the healthcare companies and institutional laboratories
  • Teaching Faculty in Colleges and University
  • Schools for mentally retarded and physically disabled children
  • Defense medical establishments
  • Health Departments



  • 12 Acre lush and green campus within the limit of Bangalore City.
  • Ideally located suburbs of Bangalore City, 20Km from City Railway Station.
  • Lush and green campus ideally suitable for medical campus.
  • Exposure of mix of patients from both urban and rural communities.
  • Herbal garden with wide range of medicinal plants and rare medicinal herbs.
  • Approachable by air, rail, metro rail and road.
  • Classrooms with modern amenities.
  • Well qualified faculties and eminent Doctors



Normally physiotherapists use physical, non-surgical methods to help people who are recovering from injury or affected by a health condition. For example, they might massage them, manipulate their body or take them through a series of exercises to aid rehabilitation.


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