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The Hillside campus is spread over in the midst of lush green environs. The infrastructure and facilities of Hillside College of Physiotherapy consists of spread-out campus alongside various amenities in the form of library, computer center, classrooms with proper teaching and learning aids, medical facilities etc. Here the students are endowed with all convenient amenities that make their life 'go easy' in college hours, alongside make learning more interesting. All the modern facilities are provided to the students. We have wonderful seminar hall where all workshops and seminars area held. Seminar hall is facilitated with latest technology and well equipped projectors and excellent acoustics system to provide high standard of training and education to the students.


The quality of classroom teaching at Hillside College of Physiotherapy is truly world class which contribute to the unique sense of platoon in which students get to know their classmates and professors. It creates a friendly environment and motivate students towards their supremacy and expertise through conducive environment of participation and learning. The classrooms are spacious and airy providing the students ample moving space to be comfortable. The atmosphere is enticing for students to willing to spend time in theses rooms.


Library is the soul for students. It is a centre of acquiring, processing, preserving and disseminating information to the students with the motto of empowering, skillful & superlative knowledge, Hillside College library has well trained staff and an automated library system to enrich our students with a wide range of academic resources such as books, volumes, CDs/DVDs, project reports, and question bank. Meeting today’s digital demand our Library has high-end computers for high-speed internet access. Students can browse, access Learning Management System, download journal articles etc. on these systems.



  • 12 Acre lush and green campus within the limit of Bangalore City.
  • Ideally located suburbs of Bangalore City, 20Km from City Railway Station.
  • Lush and green campus ideally suitable for medical campus.
  • Exposure of mix of patients from both urban and rural communities.
  • Herbal garden with wide range of medicinal plants and rare medicinal herbs.
  • Approachable by air, rail, metro rail and road.
  • Classrooms with modern amenities.
  • Well qualified faculties and eminent Doctors



Normally physiotherapists use physical, non-surgical methods to help people who are recovering from injury or affected by a health condition. For example, they might massage them, manipulate their body or take them through a series of exercises to aid rehabilitation.


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